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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
We are based in Co. Cork, 10 minutes from Blarney Village, and 20 minutes from Cork City Centre.

Where do you cover?
Depending on the car that you are looking for, we will cover most destinations.

How much do the cars cost?
We do not have any definite price. Each wedding differs, we will need to know, where the bride is been picked up, what is the distance to the church from this pick up, the reception address, where will photographs be taken at a different location.

Where can we see your cars?
You can come see the cars anytime that suits you. Give us a call to make sure that there is someone here to show you the cars. We suggest that you do come and see them, we find photographs do not always show how beautiful the cars are.

If we were to take two, perhaps three cars would you give us a good deal?
Yes definitely we would.

What is included in the price?
Please look at the wedding day itinerary for this.

Do we need to supply the ribbons?
No we will supply these for you, and have a wide range of colours available.

Will you take bridesmaids or mother of the bride to the church before you bring the bride, if we only have one car?
If the distance is short yes we will. Please let us know when booking, that you are considering this, so that we can make sure that we arrive a bit earlier to your house.

How long before the ceremony will you arrive?
We will arrive about 1 hour before the ceremony. You may want to take some pictures with the car(s) before you go to the ceremony.

Do you do more that one wedding a day with the car that I have?
No, we have one wedding per day per car.

How much in advance should I book a car?
This is entirely up to yourself. Summer months, and Christmas season is a very popular time, so we would suggest that you would book about 12 months before. If you know the car that you want, book it early, to avoid disappointment.

Are the cars available every day for a wedding?
Yes, our cars are available Sunday – Monday for weddings.

Worst case scenario, if something happens to the car before the wedding, what happens then?
Hopefully this will never happen. If the car is unable to bring you, we have another 3 cars that we can bring you in. We will let you know immediately, and can offer you one of our cars.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.